Altanza Enoexperiences: Every weekend is a new story

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New times for responsible enjoyment, new opportunities to get to know our winery, new activities paired with our wines and visits … are the new ENOEXPERIENCES OF ALTANZA, with which you will enjoy La Rioja and Rioja , in open-air spaces and privileged settings, with small groups and the best of attention.

You will see that there are more weekends of music and cloister, others of getting on a bike and touring vineyards or a kayak to become part of the banks of the Ebro . There is also space for relaxation , because we have a cloister with a fountain, chirping of birds and trees that invites the connection of body, mind and Altanza. A pleasure for the senses, an enjoyment of our Earth. Depending on the day, we offer you a different activity , whose reservation you can make from our website because places are limited, and we do not want you to run out of yours. Look, if you keep reading, we will tell you a little more about each one:

DESCENT IN KAYAK : Now that the good weather arrives, sunny, a little more … refreshing things, enjoy the outdoors and nature . In La Rioja we are lucky to have the largest river in the country, which we can kayak from Cenicero to Fuenmayor, enjoying the green of the Ribera del Ebro. Once we have reached the pier, we will wait for you with open arms in the cloister, outdoors, to taste some wines and recharge with a Rioja aperitif and our delicious Altanza EVOO. Combine sport with tasting and the outdoors. It is a FLAT.

BIKE & WINE: If you are more of those who step on the ground, feel the vineyard and get on two wheels, opt for the BIKE & WINE experience. We went out from Altanza with a bike each, we take a tour of Rioja roads, we discover the different works that are being done on the vines, we see seas of vineyards, different varieties … and we return to the winery, to loosen up our legs with a wine tasting and a delicious Rioja aperitif . La Rioja and Rioja with you throughout a whole morning.

TODOS PA’FUERA: Little more to add to a title that already tells you everything: you and your people, in the landscaped cloister of Altanza, with private and separate tables, good music and a selection of tapas and portions with dessert , lovingly made by our cook and paired with our wines. It also includes an express visit to the winery so you can learn about the ins and outs of winemaking. The visit takes place once a month. Check our calendar on the reservation website .

ALTANZA WINE ZEN: One day, walking through the winery, as we passed through the landscaped cloister, listening to the sound of the water from the central fountain, the chirping of the birds, the howling wind … we finally decided to open the doors of the winery to all lovers of yoga and meditation , to enjoy this privileged environment, just 10 minutes from Logroño, in an experience that combines body, mind and Altanza, with specialized and guided monitors.

ESSENCES OF RIOJA: If what you like is to know the wine in depth, visit the entire winery, Taste from one of our vats and enjoy a guided tasting, with a good Riojan aperitif, this is your visit, in which you will discover the true Essences of Rioja . And if the weather accompanies us, of course we will go out to one of our tables in the landscaped cloister. Small groups, limited places.

And for any of them, you better check the price, dates and meeting time on our website, from where you can make the direct reservation

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