Altanza oil, first prize “Frutado Maduro” in the V contest for the quality of the best oil from La Rioja

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The general director of Rural Development and Demographic Challenge, Nuria Bazo, and the president of the Protected Designation of Origin “Oil of La Rioja”, Miguel Martínez de Quel, have delivered the awards to the winners of the V edition of the ‘Contest for the quality of the best Oil of La Rioja 2021’.

In the category of “Ripe Fruity”, the recognition has gone to the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Ecological of Altanza , the winery located in the town of Fuenmayor. A product that it has produced since the beginning of its career, having been awarded on other occasions and in competitions also outside the autonomous community.

This time the award comes for the 2020-2021 campaign , an extraordinary harvest in quantity and quality, with oils of very peculiar and different nuances depending on the production area. Arbequina is the variety of Altanza oil , which is extracted entirely from the olive groves that it owns in Finca Valvarés, its extension of own vineyard . These olives are harvested by hand and at night to maintain low temperatures and thus preserve their quality, obtaining a more aromatic and intense oil.

ALTANZA is an extra virgin olive oil in branch, ground, beaten and separated in cold. After the decantation period in stainless steel tanks, the oil is packed unfiltered to preserve its exceptional organoleptic qualities. A process that has made him worthy of this award.

In its product characteristics, the intense golden green color and its low acidity stand out, as well as the fresh, fruity and delicate aromas, with notes of green olives, freshly cut grass and garden tomatoes. Pleasant and persistent, it has a subtle pleasant itch at the end. It enhances the flavors of the food it accompanies , whether cold such as salads, creams or cheeses, or enriching dishes made of legumes, vegetables or fish.

Finally, we would like to give our congratulations to the rest of the winners in other categories: Javier Grijalba in “Frutado Verde”, Karey Agrícola in the “Ecological” category and Trujal de Galilea in the “Cooperatives” category.

This initiative of the Regulatory Council of the PDO Oil of La Rioja has been carried out thanks to the collaboration of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural World, Territory and Population of the Government of La Rioja.

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