I get inspired walking through the vineyard every day and I really enjoy every life cycle of the grapevine. It connects me with who I am and with the wine I make—wine that is full-bodied yet fresh and subtle, with a balanced and friendly palate."

Winemaker from our beginnings, Carlos represents the true heart of the winery. With a creative personality, a restless mind, and a completely innovative spirit, Carlos conceptually designs each wine. As a great alchemist and artisan, he shapes them until each one precisely acquires the characteristics he is seeking.

Like a great artist with his creations, Carlos nurtures every detail of the winemaking process. He conducts thorough controls of the vineyard to ensure the development of an excellent harvest. After the harvest, he puts all his effort and personal care into ensuring that the grapes yield excellent results, as seen in all the wines of ALTANZA.

My path

My life is all about wine; it's about creating emotions, reaching the soul of those who enjoy it. And being able to share what excites me the most, undoubtedly, is my path.”

For Carlos, wine, above all, is about sensations. It’s about creating emotions, touching the soul of those who enjoy it. But above all, it is an art—the true art of sharing what he is most passionate about, with anyone who wants to savor it.

Lover of terroir wines, rounded, elegant, full-bodied, and expressive. Carlos Ferreiro embraces new winemaking concepts, aiming for sustainability as a foundation, and showing respect for the tradition from his birthplace, La Rioja.

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