Tempranillo, Altanza’s favorite early grape

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During the visits and tastings, one of the most question being asked, is that you do not know well the variety of Tempranillo, our most representative grape, top grape within the Rioja denomination of origin and with which we make 100% of our reds in Altanza.

So we’ve decided to write you a little bit about it so that you understand why here, in Altanza, in a matter of reds, we are 100%Tempranillo.

  1. Tempranillo means “early”. This variety is the first grape in the region to reach maturity in the grape cycle of the year.
  2. It differs significantly from the other traditional grape varieties in the Rioja designation of origin (garnacha tinta, mazuelo and graciano) in its intense color, sweet flavor and its shape, especially wide at the shoulders ( the closest part to the stem) .
  3. It is a very versatile and high quality grape that has made  it one of the noble red varieties worldwide.
  4. It is a very sensitive grape to drought and pests especially mildew, in fact our winemaker Carlos Ferreiro works every day to control them in the most natural and least invasive ways.
  5. It has great potential to improve and gets way better with barrel and during the aging process.
  6. It is elegant and silky on the palate.
  7. And above all, and this last point is the one we most love, Tempranillo is a grape that pairs great with practically any meal, so as a total food lovers in Altanza, Tempranillo wins the Champions League 😉

Have you ever tried our reds? Check on our online website and explore all of them, Crianzas like Edulis or Valvarés, Reservas like our Altanza Reserva, Altanza Club , Altanza Familia or our Spanish Artist Collection or our Gran Reserva. All of the extraordinary wines 100% Tempranillo.








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