Uva por Uva 2019

2 127 bottles make up this “Uva por Uva” 2019, of Excellent vintage, of high expression, of exquisite palates, of restless tastes, of Rioja lovers.

Ageing/ Wine-Making

Grapes selected one by one in September 2019 that macerate 36 hours at 4º and, after 24 days in the conical tank, undergo a second fermentation in two-year-old French oak barrels to gain complexity and preserve the fruit. The wine rests for 18 months and is bottled, resting for another 6 months.




Intense, deep and purplish.


Floral aromas of violets characteristic of this vintage and aromas of strawberries and raspberries elegantly mixed with notes of aromatic plants. As the wine breathes, lactic notes appear. Finally, the aromas of wood are presented, with notes of chocolate and caramel.

Tasting notes

The freshness of a wine with fruit, the power of a meticulous selection and the delicate and round tannins of an excellent vintage. The red fruit and minerals remain in the mouth and are mixed with a pleasant sensation achieved in its stay in wood.




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