The interest of Altanza in Sherry wines has spurred after more than 20 years of success within the Rioja Designation.

Altanza is the first winery in D.O.Ca. Rioja to land in the D.O. Jerez offering artisan and traditional winemaking under “Soleras and Criaderas” system, that makes Sherry so unique.

It is exciting being part of the oldest and most important wine apellations in Spain.


Bodegas Altanza

In 2017, Altanza teamed up with the largest collector of historical pieces from Jerez; it was then when “Altanza Colección Roberto Amillo” was born.

This selection of small jewels was made up of 4 Sherries, a Brandy and two Vermouths, which have obtained exceptional international recognition and press.

Our small winery, located in the historical neighbourhood of Santiago, in Jerez the la Frontera, is often called the birthplace of flamenco.

Our winemaker Carlos Ferreiro selects the fine wines that are going to refill the old barrels through the “rocíos” after each bottling, so he is imprinting little by little the Altanza´s underlying elegancy to this collection of wines from DO. Jerez.

The winery has an intimate space where Roberto Amillo exhibits more than 7,000 of his most important historical pieces, out of a total of 21,000 items related to Jerez wines. This is the largest collection of its kind in the world and a great bet to support the heritage, history and wine culture of this place.

 Unique wines that bring reminiscent of the past, wines that are the perfect pairing of leisurely enjoyed conversations and strong friendships.


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