5 tips to organise a wine tasting with friends

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Have you been thinking on organising a wine tasting with some friends but you seriously don’t have a clue of how to do it? We have prepared a short “must have” list with the five top points to consider.


  1. First, the wine. If you haven’t prepared a wine tasting before this point could be a little tricky, but we recomend you to pick just 4 wines, preferably  reds, whites and rosés. A little mix to get the best of all of them. A good idea could be Alma Bohemia, Valvares, Altanza Familia and Gran Reserva.
  2. There are many types of tastings, blind tastings, winery tastings, varietal tastings… but for your first tasting we recommend you to choose the wines you know.
  3. Yes this is a top point regarding a wine tasting. Be sure you have white napkins and tablecloths, glasses (one per wine serving), dropstops, corkscrew and a decanter if you are serving Reservas or Gran Reserva.
  4. Food pairing. Choose bread sticks or little tapas. Let the wine have the leading role
  5. Get the wine tasting sheets from each wine (we have ours here). Try not to get too influenced by them, and just go with flow!!


Dont seem too difficult, don’t you think? So, set a date and have fun!!

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