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What is wine pairing. With what to pair a white wine

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There is something that has become very fashionable and it is the pairing of wines with food. Now many people comment with enthusiasm, and sometimes arrogance, with which wine they paired this dish, if they chose such a wine for another dish, that if red wine is better for meats, but it should be avoided in fish …

And so on to infinity.

The truth is, pairing is an incredible experience , a way to discover new flavors in familiar foods, a way to balance a dish and a way to make an evening more enjoyable. But above all, the pairing will help you enjoy your favorite dishes even more.

If you still don’t know what pairing is and all its benefits , don’t worry, from Bodegas Altanza we will explain everything you need to know about wine pairing to take your meals to the next level.

Ready to enjoy a gastronomic experience?

What is pairing. What can it be paired with

Let’s first banish a myth: pairing can be done with any drink , not just wine.

Pairing is the combination of a drink with a specific dish . In pairing what you are looking for is balance, which is achieved when all the flavors of the food and drink are felt without any predominant over the other.

It must be understood that eating is a sensory experience of flavors, textures and aromas, so the accompanying drink must either complement or contrast with it. And all this happens in a couple of seconds: while it is chewed and swallowed, all the flavors are tasted in search, including that of the liquid that is integrated into the others.

This is what is known as pairing. And that is the reason why it can be paired with any drink. After all, the perception of taste is very personal. Only you will know how to value what you like and what you don’t.

Pair with wine

If it can be paired with any drink, why do we usually pair with wine?

In reality, every time we choose a drink to accompany a meal, we are already pairing. However, when we decide to pair a meal with wine, we take the time to choose it. And is that each wine has a flavor, aromatic notes and a unique texture .

Wine has been part of our culture for thousands of years and its production has become so elaborate that their pairing has become an art.

Still, there are some generalities

  • The red wine to have a stronger marine flavor better with red meat .
  • The white wine with its delicacy accompanies the soft flavors of fish and seafood.
  • Rosé wine , due to its sweetness, combines best with desserts.

However, we should not take this at face value, since we must also take into account the characteristics of the wine that we have on the table , as well as the ingredients and spices that were used to prepare the dish. For this reason, we will explain to you which foods pair best with white wine.

So next time you can show off your pairing knowledge in front of your acquaintances.

White wine pairing. With which dishes it best combines

In general, white wines combine better with soft meats , but this is not always true, in reality white wines can pair with a wide variety of dishes and meals such as:

  • Fish and seafood: the best known combination of white wine, since its freshness combines very well with the smoothness of the flavors of the sea. However, if it is a fish with a powerful flavor such as salmon, it is better to reserve a red wine for it. Among the options for pairing fish, we recommend the Altanza Blanco variety Savignon Blanc, because its fruity and citrus notes, together with its luminosity and freshness on the palate, perfectly complement the marine flavor of the fish.
  • Cheeses : another classic of white wine. There is no tasting that is missing, and that is because the creaminess and acidity of the cheeses perfectly accompanies the sweetness and smoothness of the white wine.
  • Rice dishes: rice dishes, with their thousands of variations, are a favorite dish for white wine that is capable of balancing all flavors. In fact, white wines like La Niña de mis ojos with their semi-sweet taste and sweet finish are perfect for both a main and dessert.
  • Chicken: chicken and its peers are one of the few meats that combine better with a white than with a red due to its delicate flavor. In any case, you should always take into account the ingredients used when preparing it to choose the wine that will pair it well.
  • Pasta: in these preparations, as in the rice dishes, we can find from delicate preparations to forceful and full of flavor, so you have to be careful when combining. White wines with pasta combine better if their sauce is white or seafood.
  • Appetizers and desserts: the sweetness of desserts goes well with the freshness of white wines. In fact, it is almost an obligation, to have a white wine with desserts and appetizers, since with a red wine the sweet flavors could be hidden among the texture of the wine.

Now that you know what you can pair your white wine with, start experimenting and discover a world of flavors never savored.

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  1. It’s been apparent to my husband and I that our shared love for wine is making us want to get extra and go on a wine-tasting tour this fall. We love that you talked about how we are pairing every time we decide on a beverage to go with a meal. But, you also said that when we decide to serve wine with dinner, we spend our time selecting it.

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