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A vegan wine is a wine whose production has not used ingredients of animal origin.
The main difference between a traditional wine and a vegan wine lies in the wine clarification process, a process that consists in cleaning the impurities before bottling.
The problem is that in the clarification of traditional wines we can find ingredients of animal origin such as egg albumin, casein, isinglass and gelatin.
Vegan wines are the alternative to these products, using plant-based proteins that are extracted from foods such as wheat, potatoes or peas for their clarification. But without a doubt the most used clarifying agent is Bentonite, of mineral origin. It is a clay powder that is also used to remove impurities from wines.
There is currently no specific legislation in Spain for vegan wines that indicates what are the requirements that a vegan wine must meet to be certified as vegan.
What vegan wine growers try to do is certify their bottles through independent organisms such as the Spanish Vegetarian Union, which certifies with a European V-label.
These seals only certify that during the wine manufacturing process neither animal parts nor derivatives have been used.

Most of our wines are vegan.

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