Types of white wine according to origin

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Due to the number of varieties of wine that exist throughout the world, different classifications have been created to distinguish them all. Previously we had talked about the types of wine according to its aging.

Today we want to dedicate this article to the varieties of white wine according to their type of grape or origin, some of them native to Spain. If you like this type of wine, from Bodegas Altanza we invite you to relax and learn a little more about this exquisite drink.

Types of grapes for white wine

Sour, sweet, fruity wines … Wine has as many classifications as origins, therefore, in this article we will explain all the types that exist according to their type of grape.

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One of the most famous grapes in Spain. It is native to Portugal and Galicia, this Community being where it is most cultivated, especially in the Rías Baixas.

In the mouth, Albariño wines are usually fresh and round, with a quite remarkable acidity that distinguishes them. In addition, they have a high alcohol content and their flavor remains in the mouth longer than other white wines.


Another grape with a marked Spanish accent that is grown in La Rioja.

Like Albariño, wines made from the Viura grape are characterized by their acidity and by being fresh when young. They are also very suitable for aging, and it is precisely this last quality that has made this grape the favorite for the manufacture of long-aged white wines.


A traditional grape from north-central Spain and currently grown throughout the peninsula

Unlike the Viura and Albariño varieties, the wine developed from this grape is characterized by its nuances of fresh grass and its fruity flavor on the palate. However, what characterizes it the most is its large volume and its bitter touch.

Sometimes this type of grape is combined with those of sauvignon to create exquisite wines such as the white wine The girl of my eyes.


Perhaps the most famous grape of all the varieties of white wine that exist in the world. In fact, when diners often describe a white wine, they talk about this particular type of wine.

Chardonnay is a grape from the Burgundy region, where it was already known many centuries ago. Chardonnay wines are characterized by their creamy buttery aftertaste.

Sauvignon blanc

The second most famous grape with which white wine is made. Sauvignon is a very adaptable grape, which is why it left France and settled in all those countries that wanted to receive it: from New Zealand to Chile.

Although the wine obtained from this grape is usually dry, its aromatic notes will vary according to the region. Thus, the wines obtained in the north will have aromatic notes reminiscent of tropical fruits and herbs, while the sauvignon wines obtained in warmer climates resemble fruits with a mild flavor.

For all these reasons, the wines obtained from the sauvignon blanc grape are favorites such as the Altanza blanco 2020.


A large family of grapes that has up to 200 varieties. In fact, many specialists consider this grape as the oldest of all, since vestiges of them have been found in Egypt or Persia, although it is believed that it was the Greeks who ended up propagating it.

At present, this grape is widely used to make the famous Muscat wines in Spain and Moscato in Italy. Something that characterizes the wines that come from this grape is its sweetness and its low alcohol content, around 5%.

Unlike other grape varieties, the Muscat grape prefers the warm climates of the Mediterranean, making it difficult to export and reproduce to other latitudes. This has made it easier for its top producers to be Spain, Italy, France and Portugal.

If you are interested in knowing more about wines, their origin and how to marinate them, do not hesitate to contact the best winery in La Rioja. At Bodegas Altanza we want you to enjoy each of your meals.

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  1. Oh wow, it’s great knowing that Albariño wines often have a fresh, round mouthfeel with a pronounced acidity that sets them apart. My mom wants to go on a wine tour with me next month just in time for autumn for a mother-daughter trip. I love that she wants to do this but I have no knowledge about wines so this article really helped, thank you!

  2. I love being informed that the Burgundy area is home to the grape variety known as Chardonnay, which is distinguished by a creamy, buttery finish. I’m studying wine because I want to take a romantic winery lodging with my husband this fall. He loves anything wine-related which I know so little about so I figured a little research might help.

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