Perfect pairing this Christmas

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The countdown begins for one of the most special times of the year: Christmas.

Its atmosphere is already breathed in the illuminated streets and very soon it will arrive at our tables: appetizers, seafood, meat, fish, nougat and of course , good wine!

And there is nothing left to sit down with our loved ones and toast to the essentials; the illusion of sharing moments together with ours. At Altanza we call it The Art of Sharing, and it is precisely now that we value it more than ever.

From Altanza, with love, we offer you some tips (advice) so that you can achieve a perfect pairing.

Every Christmas lunch or dinner begins with appetizers:

If these are light in nature, such as a salad or creams, the perfect pairing will be a white wine such as our Sauvignon blanc or an Edulis Crianza .

For Iberian cold cuts and foie gras, a Valvarés Crianza and for smoked salmon, a rosé such as our Alma Bohemia or Atelier served very chilled will be perfect. As for the cheeses, there is a difference between cured, where reserve red wine is recommended, and semi-cured, whose best companion will be a Crianza red.

Seafood and fish assume a great role in most tables. As a general rule, white wines are recommended for this type of food due to their freshness and lightness.

But in the case of oysters or crabs, a semi- sweet wine like La Niña de mis ojos will surprise you, as it will bring out all the nuances of these delicacies.

As for the meats, whether stews, stews, grilled meats, roasts… all of them with intense flavors, they should be paired with full- bodied red wines such as our Reservas Club, Familia or Velázquez .

Desserts are the ideal opportunity to surprise our guests.

In this way, white wines will be ideal for desserts based on buttercream, cream or vanilla; while red wines will be perfect for those that include chocolates . Our Grape for Grape will surely not leave you indifferent!

But without a doubt, the best pairing this year will be the company, feeling your loved ones close.

And if you let us accompany you, we would love to be present with yours.


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