Betterlev project in Altanza: indigenous yeasts for genuine wines

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Bodegas Altanza is carrying out the “BETTERLEV” project whose objective is to improve the organoleptic properties of the winery’s wines through the selection of native yeasts for the subsequent development of customized nutrients.

Throughout the project, autochthonous yeast lysates will be developed that provide originality and differentiate the wines made by Bodegas Altanza, not only organoleptic but also structural, in addition to providing organic nutrition.

Thanks to this action, the winery will have new tools to improve the aromatic expression of the wines and their terroir character as well as to obtain a strategic position within the DOCa Rioja.

The execution of the project is being possible thanks to the contribution of the European Fund for Regional Development of the European Union as well as that of the Agency for Economic Development of La Rioja, which is co-financing the project at 50%.

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