5 reasons why you should give a wine tasting as a gift

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Finding the perfect gift for someone special can be really complicated, since you want to give something that they really like and enjoy. An experience that you have never had.

If that person likes wine, one of the best options is to give them a wine tasting, since, being a very special event, you are sure to be right.

Do you want to know the reasons why wine tastings are a unique moment ? At Bodegas Altanza we explain it to you in great detail

Why give a wine tasting?

That wine tastings are so fashionable is no coincidence. It is a relaxing, engaging and fun experience in which you will learn without even noticing.

Whether the gift is for yourself or someone else, be sure to keep your mind open to enjoy all the benefits that wine tastings have to offer.

Wine tasting. An experience in every way

The first benefit of wine tastings is highly known.

The wines are drinks with a great personality . Each wine has very different aromatic and flavor notes that depend on the grapes chosen for its production, its fermentation and the place where it was aged.

This can be difficult to understand if they explain it to us theoretically, but if we go to a winery , observe the barrels, detect the smells that permeate the room, we will understand more easily what we have been told so much about in the past.

And at the time of the wine tasting, everything makes sense . We understand why it has that color, that aroma and that flavor. For the first time we grasp the personality of the drink in front of us. All its nuances.

Best of all, this knowledge will reappear every time we have a wine in front of us, because by integrating theory with practice in tasting, we will know how to capture those nuances again.

Wine tastings cater to everyone

Discovering a new world is not the only advantage of give a wine tasting as a gift , and since it is such a simple event in which you only need a glass, some bottles of wine and a place to place them … Now another type of wine tasting has been created: wine tasting online .

This type of tasting, as its name suggests, refers to the virtual guide and tasting of a wine. This new way, although not as immersive as the face-to-face one, has been an excellent way to keep wine lovers entertained during the pandemic, since technological means allow the necessary knowledge to continue to be transmitted.

At present, this type of tasting continues not only as a post-pandemic preventive measure, but as a measure to bring the world of wine closer to those people who do not have enough time to travel to the winery.

So, if you’ve always wanted to treat yourself to a wine tasting, but haven’t had time, now you have no excuse.

Wine tastings for networking

People who go to wine tastings enjoy this drink and are interested in knowing more about it, so if viticulture catches your attention, but you can’t find anyone with whom to share this hobby, the tasting can be a good place to look for them.

In fact, many times wine tasting clubs and groups are organized where they share wine information and organize excursions to different wineries to continue expanding their knowledge and enjoying a common taste.

On the other hand, the men and women who go to these events are usually professionals from very diverse fields and who, being in a pleasant environment, are willing to talk and connect with others. Furthermore, there have already been some wine tastings that, in addition to offering a good time, have also been organized to bring together professionals who seek to network and who have seen their possibilities diminished due to the pandemic.

Unforgettable wine tourism holidays

Whether you have a long or short vacation, you can put a finishing touch with a visit to a winery and wine tasting. Especially if you are in a wine region, like La Rioja. In that case, you cannot leave without first enjoying the essence of La Rioja.

The wineries are usually located at a relatively close distance from any urban center, so it can be a different getaway that will allow you to know another aspect of the autonomy in which you live.

Get to know the wine world through a wine tasting

Finally, by paying for a tasting you are not only accessing the test of the drink itself, but you will also be able to enjoy know first-hand , the landscape that surrounds the winery, the grape cultivation, the processes necessary to make the wine and how and where it is aged.

A walk that will make you know the world of wine in depth, while flooding your nostrils with delicious smells before moving on to the tasting.

Sounds good doesn’t it? So, go for a wine tasting and discover a whole new universe of sensations. From Bodegas Altanza we wait for you

17 thoughts on “5 reasons why you should give a wine tasting as a gift”

  1. It was very relieving when you said that people who attend wine tasting events are looking and willing to socialize. My wife and I are thinking of activities we can do for our anniversary, and we think this might be it. Thank you for the reminders, we’ll make sure to find the best wine tour limos near our area.

  2. My friend is getting married next month, and I was thinking of getting her a wine tasting tour as a wedding gift. I’m glad that you mentioned how wine tastings offer a relaxing, engaging, and fun experience, so they’re perfect gifts for yourself or for someone else that enjoys a good glass of wine. I’ll be sure to take her to a full-day private wine tour provided by a trusted wine company.

  3. I appreciate that you shared about wine tasting. Wines are drinks with a great personality. Each wine has very different aromatic and flavor notes that depend on the grapes chosen for its production, fermentation, and where it was aged. This cannot be easy to understand if they explain it to us theoretically. I like drinking wine, and this article caught my attention and realize the benefits of wine tasting.

    1. Thank you Dianne. World Wine is awesome and you always learn new things. We hope to include more interesting articles to keep your attention. 🙂

  4. I adore the notion that a wine tasting has been planned to bring together businesspeople looking to network. We want to arrange an invitation for my supervisor because his birthday is coming up soon. My suggestion to my coworkers is that they host a wine tasting event for my supervisor.

  5. This coming Christmas season, I plan to give my manager a gift and thought about giving her a wine since she loves wine so much, so I plan to visit one of the winery gift places here in Green Bay, WI. As you mentioned in your post, wines have a distinct personality. Each wine has distinct smell and flavor qualities determined by the grapes used in its creation, the fermentation process, and the location in which it matured. Like my boss, she is also like wine; processed and refined become a great wine as she ages.

    1. Thank you Marie Claire for you comment. Where did you finally go? Tell us a little more about your experience 🙂

  6. Our company holds a corporate team building yearly, and this year we have an s wine tour here in Santa Barbara, CA. This activity is one of the reasons why I like to stay in our company. We can use a different side of the world outside of work. As you said, finding the perfect gift for someone special can be complicated since you want to give something that they like and enjoy. This activity will provide us with many ideas on what to give to our loved ones and friends when the time comes if there are special occasions.

  7. In this article, I’ll discuss why a wine tasting is a great present. The author explains why wine tastings make excellent presents by listing five benefits. A clean and straightforward writing style makes this piece easy to read. The author’s unique perspective on the subject makes for a fascinating read. If you’re looking for something suitable to give to a wine fan on your list, this piece is for you.

    1. Thanks for your kind words and for finding this article not only interesting but also somehow enlightening 🙂

  8. I value your sharing regarding wine tasting. Wines are incredibly distinctive beverages. Each wine has distinctive taste and fragrance components that are influenced by the grapes used in its production, the fermenting process, and the aging environment. If they are going to convey this to us hypothetically, it cannot be simple to comprehend. I enjoy drinking wine, so when I read this post, I became aware of the advantages of wine tasting.

    1. Thankyou Lily for your thoughtful and kind response, and yes! becoming aware of the advantages of a wine tasting was the principal idea of this post. We applaud that you enjoy wine tastings as much as we do here in Altanza. 🙂

  9. It made me feel excited when you said that you can expect to enjoy a fun and relaxing experience when you consider attending wine-tasting events. One of my plans is to hold a party to celebrate my birthday in October with my closest friends and family. Since I want to enjoy finding wine that will especially be served on my special day, I will be sure to consider your tips.

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