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Magnum bottles, that is to say, those with a 1.5L capacity, have many advantages over traditional ¾ bottles. The reasons? Keep reading!

Wine experts say that the “MAGNUM” format helps the wine ageing making it more harmonius due to the greater capacity of the bottle.

Conclusion? Wines with better uniformity and stabilization, as well as greater longevity.

  • Being the most harmonious ageing, it becomes an ideal option for keeping long-aged wines at home.
  • It favors the expression of the nuances of the wine; evolution slows down and its aromatic and tasting virtues multiply.
  • It is ideal to enjoy with family and friends (more than 4 people), since a bottle is opened for several diners.
  • These bottles are less susceptible to temperature changes.
  • It is a good investment, considering that it guarantees the wine a longer life.
  • It becomes a perfect gift for wine lovers. Its commercialization is limited, so it has an exclusivity component.

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