Fuenmayor, a completed wine and gastronomic destination

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Fuenmayor, is a village in the north of La Rioja, just 12 km from Logroño and excellently communicated with the Vask AP68 motorway and the N232.

Talking about Fuenmayor is talking about wine and gastronomy. The town is strategically located in one of the best areas of the DOCa Rioja on the banks of the Ebro River where they live by and for the cultivation of the vineyard and the production of renowned wines.

Approximately 30 wineries make up the territory. Among them we can visit recent and modern wineries along with other centenarians, forming a perfect tandem between tradition and avant-garde.

But without a doubt, Fuenmayor stands out for being a gastronomic reference since it concentrates a selection of highly recognized restaurants.

An example of this is Alameda’s Restaurant where they prepare market cuisine with 3 absolute protagonists: the product, seasonality and the avant-garde. And where the grill becomes the art of grilling.

C’Alma where the quality of the raw material stands out and where any dish, however simple it may be, ends up becoming a real luxury for the palate.

Casa Eloy where you will feel at home, enjoying a true traditional Riojan meal sprinkled with innovative trends in a warm and pleasant atmosphere.

Mesón Chuchi: more than 38 years of experience offering dishes made with the most traditional formulas, accompanied by one of the best wine lists of the area.

Mesón El Escudo: delicate and elaborated cuisine where you can enjoy authentic Rioja food, feeling at home and with its own wines from its cellar.

Mesón El Porrón: with more than 40 years of experience, they have followed the family tradition in the cuisine, adapting it to the new times and combining it with new flavours.

The festivals and traditions in Fuenmayor are a moment of reflection and religious devotion but also an opportunity to meet and have fun with family and friends. The customs merge with the celebrations in an atmosphere of relaxation and enjoyment. The most popular festivals are: La Cruz, around September 14, where music, tastings and fireworks are the stars of this religious festival. San Juan, one of the most typical acts touring the old town on June 24th with the sound of music and Los Marchos, a beautiful tradition going back to the War of Independence where bonfires were lit at the doors of houses to deceive the French army and make them believe that the town had already been looted. The celebration takes place on December 7th and during the night more than 100 Marchos are lit and wines and roasted potatoes are offered by the town hall as a tasting.

In addition, being located in a natural environment, it is a real gift for the eyes: beautiful vineyards, groves that embrace the River Ebro and several cultural and cycling routes that can be good alternatives for leisure.

An accessible destination, with a wide gastronomic and wine tourism offer in a natural environment surrounded by vineyards.

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