Business meetings in wineries, what are the attractions of organizing a meeting in these spaces?

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In the latest years, wineries have opened to the public thanks to the good reception of wine tourism. But a winery can be a very attractive place for other types of activities such as holding events, company meetings, team building, etc.

A different environment evoking relax, peace and concentration and avoiding the pressure and bustle of conventional offices. Besides around the wineries we will find places for the accommodation of the attendees, as well as places of leisure, restaurants, etc.

Most wineries have their own restaurant or private dining room and are used to work with catering services. Even the wineries themselves can recommend on the perfect pairing for each of the dishes or tapas that are going to be tasted.

In addition to the rental of spaces, experiences are designed around wine that complement professional activity, such as personalized visits, courses and commented tastings, fusion of sport and wine such as kayaking, bike rides through the vineyards, mindfulness, yoga, etc.

In conclusion, a meeting space that reinvents professional work areas.

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