Vermut Amillo Reserva Especial. Individual bottle.

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Aromatized wine, elaborated from sherry wines based on Palomino and Pedro Ximénez grapes.

The base wine is a blend of Oloroso with an average age of some 15 years and Pedro Ximénez with 6 in which no fewer than 32 botanicals are macerated. Definetely, a very special Vermouth aged in French oak barrels for about 14 months.

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Type of wine: aromatized wine
Type of grape: Palomino & PX
Serving temperature: 5ºC
Capacity: 75 cl.
Alc: 15% Vol.
Aging time: Oloroso 15 years/ PX 6 years
14 months in French oak

We start from the base of using the best wines, Oloroso Seco, PX and yolk must aged in American oak barrels and macerated all with more than 30 herbs, roots and flowers in French oak wood.

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