ATELIER de Altanza -Tasting 01 (Wooden case 0.75L)

31,95 IVA incl.

The first creation of our little ATELIER de VINOS, is the CATA 01, the one that inaugurates this new line of wines. A short production of 354 bottles.

There are rooms that catch everyone’s attention by the way they look. One feels tempted to look through the door and when you do, there are peculiar tools specific to the profession, like wine bottles, musts of diverse colors, wine composition analysis, grape varieties studies, different oak type investigations, native yeasts microvinifications, wine glasses and some other test tube. There is a white coat and papers, a lot of papers. It becomes a place of creation, of inspiration, of practice.

Anyone who is creative can have a studio of this type. In Altanza we have had this special room for innovation for a long time, where you see our winemaker, Carlos, working on his business. Today, this place opens its doors to show some Carlo´s creations, under the ATELIER de VINOS name: the Altanza workshop where our “artist” meets along with his thoughts and working materials, to create new CATAS to surprise, delight and seduce the most daring and restless palates.


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Ageing/ Wine-Making

Selection of Tempranillo vines from the 2020 vintage, bleeding for 14 hours in the cellar, a fermentation in second-use French oak barrels for 25 days followed by aging in the same barrels for 4 months.


75 cl.


Lovely soft salmon color and violet sparkles.

Tasting notes

Remarkable and refreshing acidity on the palate. Stone fruit is also present in the mouth along with refined hints of orange. It has an unctuous volume in the mouth and its finish is fresh, long, accompanied by toasted notes and a marked cherry.







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