Pack ‘meet Altanza’ Case 3 bottles

40,00 IVA incl.

This kit contains:

  • 1 bot. of 0.75 from Edulis 2018
  • 1 bot. 0.75L of Altanza Reserva 2015
  • 1 bot. of 0.75L of Altanza Familia Reserva 2014

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A selection of the wines that our clients like the most.

Edulis Crianza, a friendly and pleasant wine, ideal for enjoying tapas or accompanying a good meal.

Altanza Reserva, Altanza’s first wine, defines the style of the winery, pure balance and elegance.

Familia, the most modern Reserva, with intense aromas, concentrated and a pleasant drink. We could describe it as “delicate power”

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