Food Safety, Quality and Environment Policy

As the head of BODEGAS ALTANZA, SA, dedicated to the production and bottling of Crianza, Reserva and Gran Reserva wine with Rioja Qualified Denomination of Origin and in order that all the activities of the company are oriented to continuous Improvement and Safety, Legality and Environmental Prevention, I declare and convey my commitment to the following principles:

  • Comply with the legal and regulatory requirements to produce Wines with a food safety guarantee, as well as the client’s requirements in order to satisfy their needs, without neglecting the requirements related to the facilities, activities, services of BODEGAS ALTANZA, SA and their aspects. environmental, as well as other requirements to which BODEGAS ALTANZA, SA voluntarily submits and specifically assumes our ethical and labor / personal responsibility.
  • Achieve the loyalty of our current clients and attract new ones that allow us to be leaders in the sector.
  • The safety of the wines is one more characteristic of our products, so it is monitored and guaranteed by complying with the specifications defined for each of them, in turn a security system has been established (facilities, workers and external personnel ) based on Food Defense and Food Fraud requirements.
  • Consider the suppliers as part of the structure of the company, creating a flow of information between both in order to know the objectives and mutual needs.
  • Respect the environment and contribute to a sustainable development model.
  • Permanently train the members of BODEGAS ALTANZA, SA to achieve the necessary training, involvement in the organization, awareness of continuous improvement and customer orientation.
  • Offer safe, legal, authentic products and high quality services that satisfy equally the client’s demands in the fields of economics, food safety, quality and the legal requirements that apply to the product and the environmental impacts of our activities in addition to assume all possible responsibility towards our clients.
  • The objectives of the integrated management system will be consistent with the general objectives of the organization and are aligned with its strategic direction, through a risk study derived from the analysis of the internal and external context of the organization, as well as the identification of its concerned parties.
  • Guarantee, through the BODEGAS ALTANZA, SA Management System based on its Policy, the continuous improvement of the production process and the product in relation to Quality and the Environment. In this sense, collaboration with suppliers and any organization or entity that maintains relationships with BODEGAS ALTANZA, SA is essential.

In Fuenmayor, February 12, 2019

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