Ethos - Bodegas Altanza


The winery

Altanza began its story in 1998 as synonym of quality and dedicated exclusively to top Reserva wines. Since then, our goal has been to offer the best possible quality wine at a sensible price.

Located in Fuenmayor (Rioja Alta), we try to show daily how to combine tradition and modernity.

Bodegas Altanza is a winery that emerges being distinguished for their identity, passion, know-how and creativity producing great wines like the Collection of Spanish Artists. Our wines are made in a modern style from 100% Tempranillo. The wines are fermented using natural yeasts and then aged in entirely French oak barrels which are renewed every 5 years

Tradition is not only reflected in the beautiful main building and French gardens, but also in the variety we have preferred for all our reds, Tempranillo, and certain winemaking features, like the choice of vertical presses or the extra value added to the ageing process by nine 22,000L Allier vats. Besides, three-quarters of our 7,500 casks are made of French oak.

Technology can mainly be seen in our stainless-steel tanks of several sizes, which allows for a better, more flexible “personalization”, all equipped with temperature-control jackets and surveyed by a control panel. We have our own lab and modern wine-storage facilities too.

Our estate spans 300 ha. (740 acres), 220 of which are vineyards. The estate provides sixty percent of the total amount of grapes we need; the rest follows a strict selection process.

The wines

We were born as a winery focused on making reserva wines. For the past ten years we have gradually incorporated a rosé, an aromatic white and other kinds of reds. Our wines are expressive and show a good balance between oaky and fruity notes, so they are created to be enjoyed by both the sommelier and the modern consumer who is fond of a good wine to enhance a moment of leisure or a formal meal.

All our reds are 100% Tempranillo. The “queen” of Rioja autochthonous varieties, and the most popular in Spain –though each area gives it a different name–, is doubtless the Tempranillo, because it gives wines a good body and structure. It has moreover a slower evolution tan other varieties, which makes it ideal for ageing. Although its derivation from pinot noir has been questioned, what’s certain is its descent from two varieties which were once at home in the Ebro valley. Their crossbreeding in the Middle Ages gave birth to the Tempranillo. It requires a cool, temperate climate during the year, with high temperatures in the summer for the vine to give optimum results and a good acidity. Though it has a relatively late budding, its berries develop faster than those of other varieties, hence its name (“temprano” means “early”).

At Altanza we have opted for French-oak ageing, though there is a small amount of American casks, since we find the kind of nuances it gives the wine more to our liking. Casks are renewed every 5 years; a strict cleaning protocol is followed during racking.

Several of our wines have obtained more than 90 “Parker” points. Lealtanza Reserva, the wine that best represents the ethos of the winery has been recently granted a Gold Medal at the Tempranillos al Mundo 2014 international competition, and has been listed within the Top 100 - Best of Spain at Prowein, the best reputed trade fair for wine and spirits in Europe. The Lealtanza Artists Collection deserves special attention, given the beauty and elegance of their labels and wine, as does the reserva made for our Lealtanza Club, whose 2005 vintage attained a score of 95 –the sixth position on the rank of best Rioja wines- by the prestigious Wine Advocate reviewers.

Wine Tourism

The winery has its own dining and wine tasting room. Our culinary team has satisfied restaurateurs and visitors alike. You can check visiting, tasting and dining room options at the Visits section of this website.

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